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Dive Sites in Luxembourg
Haute Sûre
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(1) Ruin of Lultzhausen (Villa)

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Dive site of the ruin of Lultzhausen (Villa)
Photo by Jerome Konen

Interest: *****
Difficulty: *****

Description: Known as the Villa (ruin) of Lultzhausen.

Location: On the other side of the lake in Lultzhausen. You have first to swim across the lake with your diving equipment to get to the opposite side. A bench close to the water marks the exact position to start your dive. From there diving straight down the slope to find the spot.

Depth: 25 - 27m (from top to the bottom of the ruin).

Access time: 3 min.

Precautions: Make use of your compass and don't get entangled with your equipment in low passages in the ruin.

Note: The floating bridge has been moved, being therefore not that close anymore to the dive spot as seen on the above photo.

Panoramic View
> 360° view - from Lultzhausen (from bridge)
> 360° view - from Lultzhausen (farmhouse Wealer)

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