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Posted by Jerome Konen on 05/09/04, updated on 21/03/05 Photo  Homepage
06/02/05 - 09/03/05EXPEDITION
Antarctica - Breaking The Last Frontier
A diving expedition to the eternal ice of Antarctica - a world made of extremes: The coldest, windiest, sunniest, driest and highest continent on earth.
Photo by Pascal Kobeh
A whale's majestic fluke in the Antarctic waters.
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As there are no other places left on earth like Antarctica, this challenging
diving expedition is a voyage of discoveries and real adventure. We will explore the frigid waters of the Antarctic Peninsula by sailing boat starting in Ushuaïa, Tierra del Fuego in Argentina. From there we are sailing along Cape Horn through the notorious Drake Passage towards the Antarctic Peninsula.

Aboard the Kotick I, a 15m schooner, we will be far away from any civilization, surrounded by a landscape of unending glaciers and icebergs. And a skipper who is well known for being one of the
best choice for that region.

ItineraryAntarcticaThis expedition is carefully planned and precisely scheduled to take advantage of the short summer season when the rich fauna can be observed like diffent kind of whales, orcas, seals, penguins and birds. As a special photographic challenge we will give most attention to the leopard seal, the feared predator on the "white continent".

The Antarctic waters are amongst the world clearest because there is low concentration of phytoplankton and almost no dissolved particles of terrestrial origin. Extremely cold water temperature of -1.8°C makes scuba diving and underwater photography the most challenging ever.

The Team Members:
Jerome Konen (LU)
dive instructor
Jerome Konen
Wick Aben (NL)
Wick Aben
Pascal KobehPascal Kobeh (FR)
prof. uw-photographer
Guy GrosboisGuy Grosbois (FR)
dive instructor
Tina EngelnTina Engeln (NL)
dive instructor

Location: Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica
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