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Posted by Jerome Konen on 08/04/05, updated on 17/05/05 Photo  Homepage
13/05/05 - 16/05/05EXPEDITION
Last Secrets of the Jura Wreck
Diving the most famous freshwater wreck in Europe, the Jura, is still a demanding and unforgetable experience.
Photo by Jerome Konen
The windlass at the front of the Jura.
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After the last expedition to the Jura wreck was marked by bad weather conditions, this new photo expedition will document the last hidden secrets inside the wreck.

We will be based in Meersburg and start the boat trip from Unteruhldingen for 2 dives on this fabulous wooden wreck located in a depth of 38m.

In addition we will do dives along the tremendous drop offs, the steep walls down into the dark depths of the lake, a unique experience in fresh water diving.

Location: Lake Constance, Germany
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