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Iceland - Diving between Fire and Ice

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Exploring the land of maybe

Today on the national holday, the Olav's day, I couldn't wait any longer exploring the islands. The Kollafjord, where I actually have my B&B, is a spectacular example of the type of landscape that dominates the Faroe Islands. These fjords are the result of large glaciers that covered these islands during the last ice age. The other type of geological formation are the long and narrow canyon-like cuts, where the original loose magma material has been eroded.

Searching the Faroe Islands on a world map may turn out difficult as all the 18 islands have little more than half the area of Luxembourg. As located quite north but amid the Gulfstream, the temperatures are well pleasing.

The constantly changing weather makes a photographer┤s life difficult. You think you got that unique picture of the island just off the coast wrapped in clouds, as only minutes later the view gets even better.

Back in Tˇrshavn, where the "Thing" has been opened today on Olav's day and the yesterday┤s festivities are just continuing. Many choirs dressed in their national costumes are singing between the funny little houses having grass growing on the roofs, very typical here.

While driving around, I haven't seen a tree, maybe there aren┤t any, maybe the wind is too strong, maybe I just missed them. After all, it doesn't make a difference in a that land of maybe... [JK]

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> Icelandic Highlands
> 26 July - 30 August 2003
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