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Haute Sûre
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(5) Ruins of Liefrange

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Dive site of the ruins of Liefrange
Photo by Jerome Konen

Interest: *****
Difficulty: *****

Description: Ruins of an old mill called "Luutschmillen" closely after the village Liefrange quite near the dam of Bavigne.

Location: Between Liefrange and Bavigne, close to the dam of Bavigne.

Depth: 16 - 18m (from top to the bottom of the ruin).

Access time: 3 min.

Precautions: Don't try to go too far into the holes, some become very narrow after a few meters and the visibility goes quickly to zero. You need a good orientation sense to explore the whole site without getting lost.

Panoramic View
> 360° view - from Liefrange (small dam)

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