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06/02/05 - 09/03/05EXPEDITION
Antarctica - Breaking The Last Frontier

Posted by Jerome Konen on 25/02/05 Photo  Homepage
Antarctic Landscapes
Photo by Jerome Konen
Mountains of Pléneau Island.
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24 February 2005 - Unfortunately days like today were exceptional during this expedition - the more we appreciate every sunshine and good weather conditions.

Expecially here in Antarctica the weather is everything but stable, winds can change within minutes and cause you big trouble when anchoring the boat. The last two nights were the first ones we didn't have to wake up moving the boat in the middle of the night to a sheltered place on the stormy sea - causing us lots of sleepless nights.

Snow blizzards and bad weather anyway may be typical for Antarctica, but the magical landscape can only be really enjoyed at sunshine. Then the mountains, glaciers and ice all part of this unbelievable huge scenery of the white continent get reality.

One have to see it to believe.

GPS Pos.: S 65.1065°  W 64.07702°
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First day in Antarctica (15/02/05)
14 February 2005 - Snow has fallen on the Kotick during the night. Antarctic fur seals swimming close to the boat anchored in a nice bay at Melchior Island in between ice covered small Islands. ...

Arriving in Antarctica (14/02/05)
13 February 2005 - Around 5:00am, the next storm hit the Kotick and I was being rudely awakened. The sound of the wind was horrific with wind speeds up to 55kt.

At 8:30, suddenly a loud ...  Video

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The revenge of Drake (11/02/05)
10 February 2005 - Sail was set during the night to a fresh breeze. I couldn't really sleep the whole night, too much worrying noises coming from the deck and outside of the boat.

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Enjoying the end of the world (08/02/05)
07 February 2005 - Arriving in Ushuaia the 7 February after a 30 hours trip from the moment we left the Hotel in Paris. The weather couldn't be better here at this place, so no ...


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